Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gallery Wall

I decided to do a gallery wall after seeing all the beautiful walls on Pinterest. It is cute and fun looking. My favorite part about a gallery wall is there are no rules. You just slap random items up on the wall and you're done! That seems easy enough.

After about 4 months of looking at a lot of blogs and pinning tons of inspiration photos, I was finally ready to go shopping for my "random items."

Since I can't figure out how to add photos in the middle of a blog I will explain each item here and just scroll down to see the picture.

First, I bought 4-11x4 black frames from Michaels. They were on sale for 3 dollars! Then, I bought a heart, star, cross and a big set of skeleton keys. All of those items were also from Michaels. The board with the Fleur design I made using a piece of scrap wood. I painted it black and added the stencil in gray. I made the frame with 'love' in it as well. Next, I found some free printables and put them in the frames.

The eye chart is really cool. You can use any words you want. In this case I use the names of everyone in my family. It's from a website called

The House of 6 printable is from

Here's how I did my wall.
I used newspaper which I traced the shape of each object then I cut it out. I taped it all up on the wall and moved everything until it felt 'right.'

Then I just put nails into the walls right through the paper and hung the stuff. It was really simple and fun.

Here are all the pictures.

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