Monday, May 28, 2012

Canvas Wall

I had a big empty wall that had been really bugging me. I decided I needed to do something creative.

I found some inspiration on pinterest and put my own twist on it.

I wanted to do it as cheap as possible so instead of getting professional canvas made I did it all myself.

I started by printing out my favorite pictures of each of my kids.

Next, I went to Michael's and bought foam poster boards and spray adhesive. I placed the pictures on the board, traced them and cut the board.

On the back of each board I screwed in round hooks and wires. I would suggest to put a tiny dot of glue on them to keep them in.

Then I sprayed each board with adhesive and carefully placed the picture.

After they were all dry I just had to figure out how to place them on the wall and that was it.

I got the vinyl letters from Family Dollar for 3 bucks!!

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